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My Handmade Again

hey guys.. i have some handphone case and necklaces, it is handmade ! i made them and they’ve sold!! some of it i gave for my sisters.. Yeeyyyy i was very very happyyyyy. guys please look them ūüôā


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Making Owl Doll for Sisters

Hello my Friends!!

Somehow I¬†really like¬†the owls,¬†they’re very¬†funny. And¬†I¬†think¬†to¬†make owls doll. I call it —> Burhan = Burung Hantu. Here¬†I need a¬†thick¬†fabric and¬†dacron. Then¬†flannel,¬†thread and¬†needle. Of course¬†I use¬†a sewing machine¬†to¬†sew.¬†I bought the¬†fabric¬†at the¬†fabric store,¬†pick¬†a¬†cute¬†colors and patterns. Look at¬†this¬†doll.¬†I¬†took¬†this¬†picture¬†with¬†my¬†sister.


And I make this too, the last Owl Doll, very cuteee..

after¬†making¬†these¬†dolls,¬†I¬†gave it¬†to¬†both¬†my sisters. and ofcourse for my own.. ūüėÄ

how about them friends? i love them.. very very lovee ‚̧

I hope someday I can develop this as a business. I want to make a doll again, as much as possible. I am a doll enthusiast.
you¬†know why I¬†really like dolls? maybe¬†because¬†I¬†had¬†not¬†had a¬†doll,¬†as much as¬†my playmate,¬†or¬†other ladies.¬†ūüôā
and¬†because I like the¬†uniqueness¬†and¬†differences,¬†I¬†make a¬†handmade¬†doll. ‚̧

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Making Cute Rings

Hello¬†my friends,¬†you¬†know¬†I¬†love¬†handmade¬†stuff¬†right?¬†I made some rings of flannel¬†and¬†some other¬†materials. Let’s see, unique ‘n different I think, so I make it.

The Princess Ring, it’s order by Debby, my friend.

 lenght 6 cm, width 3 cm

The Crown Ring, I make for my own ^_^

length 5 cm, width 4 cm

This is the colorful rings hoho… i like them very much ‚̧

Is it very cute right? ūüėÄ

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Cute Tiger

Hello¬†my friends,¬†see you around¬†with¬†me,¬†kartika¬†sari.¬†hahaha ūüėÄ
You know? I want to give out orders from classmates who want to made a handphone case, for blackberry.
She¬†said¬†“Ms.,¬†I¬†want¬†a¬†cute¬†tiger¬†form,¬†the color¬†orange.¬†boy¬†tiger.”
I think, then I draw it on paper, then I started cutting up flannel. This first order to be perfect, i am afraid how to make a cute tiger?? Tigers usually is a scary character. >,<
Be¬†a few¬†days¬†later,¬†though¬†in a way¬†that still¬†sew¬†difficulties¬†but¬†for the sake of¬†customer satisfaction,¬†I¬†tried.¬†ūüėČ
hihi¬†..¬†she likes it, she said “woww¬†..¬†very CUTEE..¬†thanks Ms.”
I give promotional rates, idr 17,000.
I am¬†so glad¬†she liked it¬†and¬†satisfied¬†with¬†my¬†hard work¬†ūüôā

This is………………



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Making Handmade Dolls

Hello my friends.. i will share about my first handmade doll. I love Burhan = Burung Hantu,¬†in the English language¬†is¬†OWL. you know this is very cuteee…¬†I¬†made it from¬†old¬†pajamas¬†and¬†shirts that¬†are¬†not used. Then¬†for¬†applications¬†such as eyes,mouth,¬†nose¬†and¬†mustache¬†wearing¬†flannel.¬†Sewing¬†come¬†..¬†and do not¬†forget to fill indacron.¬†Awwww¬†so cute¬†..¬†n¬†adorable¬†for¬†ME.¬†haha¬†ūüôā

¬†“Hello… i am a Pink Polka” (^o^)
¬†“Come come come….. haha I am a Blue Owly…!!”
“hai… Mister Mustache is flying…. what am I? An Mosterssss!!!”
“Ohhh… let’s we bask!!! so hott.. so hottt… so cuteee”
“come on playing together!!”¬†now they are¬†all¬†playing with¬†nieces and nephews¬†in the house ūüėČ
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