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Making Owl Doll for Sisters

Hello my Friends!!

Somehow I really like the owls, they’re very funny. And I think to make owls doll. I call it —> Burhan = Burung Hantu. Here I need a thick fabric and dacron. Then flannel, thread and needle. Of course I use a sewing machine to sew. I bought the fabric at the fabric store, pick a cute colors and patterns. Look at this doll. I took this picture with my sister.


And I make this too, the last Owl Doll, very cuteee..

after making these dolls, I gave it to both my sisters. and ofcourse for my own.. 😀

how about them friends? i love them.. very very lovee ❤

I hope someday I can develop this as a business. I want to make a doll again, as much as possible. I am a doll enthusiast.
you know why I really like dolls? maybe because I had not had a doll, as much as my playmate, or other ladies. 🙂
and because I like the uniqueness and differences, I make a handmade doll. ❤

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Making Handmade Dolls

Hello my friends.. i will share about my first handmade doll. I love Burhan = Burung Hantu, in the English language is OWL. you know this is very cuteee… I made it from old pajamas and shirts that are not used. Then for applications such as eyes,mouth, nose and mustache wearing flannel. Sewing come .. and do not forget to fill indacron. Awwww so cute .. n adorable for ME. haha 🙂

 “Hello… i am a Pink Polka” (^o^)
 “Come come come….. haha I am a Blue Owly…!!”
“hai… Mister Mustache is flying…. what am I? An Mosterssss!!!”
“Ohhh… let’s we bask!!! so hott.. so hottt… so cuteee”
“come on playing together!!” now they are all playing with nieces and nephews in the house 😉
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