Making Owl Doll for Sisters

Hello my Friends!!

Somehow I really like the owls, they’re very funny. And I think to make owls doll. I call it —> Burhan = Burung Hantu. Here I need a thick fabric and dacron. Then flannel, thread and needle. Of course I use a sewing machine to sew. I bought the fabric at the fabric store, pick a cute colors and patterns. Look at this doll. I took this picture with my sister.


And I make this too, the last Owl Doll, very cuteee..

after making these dolls, I gave it to both my sisters. and ofcourse for my own.. 😀

how about them friends? i love them.. very very lovee ❤

I hope someday I can develop this as a business. I want to make a doll again, as much as possible. I am a doll enthusiast.
you know why I really like dolls? maybe because I had not had a doll, as much as my playmate, or other ladies. 🙂
and because I like the uniqueness and differences, I make a handmade doll. ❤

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12 thoughts on “Making Owl Doll for Sisters

  1. chilvi says:

    aiiih lutuna. creative girl 🙂

  2. ugha badawi says:

    sodara nya cantik cantik #eaaa 😀

  3. glentripollo says:

    Wakakaak… itu kenapa ada yg kolornya di depan? XDDDD~

  4. Zazuli says:


    ..and I love owl too!!

  5. BasithKA says:

    Wihiw! Keren banget 😀 great work kaka~

  6. Red says:

    luar biasa! bagus2 hasil karyamu ini 😀

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