Making Cute Rings

Hello my friends, you know I love handmade stuff right? I made some rings of flannel and some other materials. Let’s see, unique ‘n different I think, so I make it.

The Princess Ring, it’s order by Debby, my friend.

 lenght 6 cm, width 3 cm

The Crown Ring, I make for my own ^_^

length 5 cm, width 4 cm

This is the colorful rings hoho… i like them very much ❤

Is it very cute right? 😀

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18 thoughts on “Making Cute Rings

  1. ladycutehteh says:

    bkin cinderella donks…
    klo ada aku mau beliii..

    • wahh cinderella…
      ok nanti aku usahain, kalo emang uda ada bahan dan lain2 ntar aku email kamu 🙂
      sekarang memang lagi vakum, lagi sibuk persiapan wisuda haha *malah curhat* -____-V

  2. qvaa says:

    creativ n inovatif

  3. armae says:

    Hwaaoww.. cantiiiikk. kreatif banget nihh.. *kasi jempol* 😀

  4. Gulunganpita says:

    dikirim dong ke Bandung 😛

  5. wuih.. keren-keren karyanya.. kreatif.. salut deh.. 🙂

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