Cute Tiger

Hello my friends, see you around with me, kartika sari. hahaha 😀
You know? I want to give out orders from classmates who want to made a handphone case, for blackberry.
She said “Ms., I want a cute tiger form, the color orange. boy tiger.”
I think, then I draw it on paper, then I started cutting up flannel. This first order to be perfect, i am afraid how to make a cute tiger?? Tigers usually is a scary character. >,<
Be a few days later, though in a way that still sew difficulties but for the sake of customer satisfaction, I tried. 😉
hihi .. she likes it, she said “woww .. very CUTEE.. thanks Ms.”
I give promotional rates, idr 17,000.
I am so glad she liked it and satisfied with my hard work 🙂

This is………………



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12 thoughts on “Cute Tiger

  1. uzay says:

    gw suka kucing… =)

  2. Asep Saipul says:

    Yaah coba kelinci wkwkwkwk xD

  3. irvina says:

    lucu, mau dong xp

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