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How to look gaunt on round face with make up?

I have a round face. how to make up that suits my face to my face look gaunt?

I am troubled at the round-faced, so I am confused how to make up my face did not look round, or camouflaged. and I have a solution from my friend mfaithxoxo4, this is the solution,

                     If you’re going for a more natural, wearable look, you should play around with different bronzers in different shades. Locate your cheek bone, and, using a powdered bronzer about two, three or four shades darker than your natural skin tone (depending on how much definition you want), shade a line right along the bottom of your cheek bone extending almost to where your ear meets your face. This will create the illusion of sharper cheek bones and more of a heart-shaped face. Use a medium to large size brush to do this, and DO NOT over-apply. You want to look gaunt, not like a clown. If you aren’t great with bronzer powder, like me, you can use a liquid bronzer and apply with your pointer finger. However, your best bet would probably be to use a light, neutral, brown lipstick. Rub some color onto your pointer finger and shade a line right along the bottom of your cheek bone extending almost to where your ear meets your face, like you would with the bronzer. You need to blend really well though!! A light layer of liquid foundation that matches your natural tone under where you apply the lipstick makes blending easier. Lipstick gives the best result because it is easier to blend and look more natural, as opposed to power that sits on your skin. Also try a small cat eye using liquid liner. Again, if you’re trying to be natural, I recommend using dark brown as opposed to black, depending your skin tone and eye color. Don’t extend the cat eye beyond about 4 millimeters beyond the outside corner of your eye. You’ll be able to tell what looks right. The cat eye also creates the illusion of sharper cheek bones as well as a more angular brow bone and more angular eyes that look more dynamic. When you do a cat eye, also put a light layer of eyeliner on your waterline to even out the distribution of darkness [eyeliner]. You’re going to have to play around and experiment with these techniques to find out what looks best on you, and it takes practice to get the hang of creating the perfect look. I hope this helps! (:

the other friend, tell me, oh-amelia
                   I use bronzer to give some definition to my face. Have a look at some photos of models and see where the shadows under their cheekbones are. Use some bronzer to apply a light shadow underneath your cheekbones. You can also use a highlighter or light shade of blush along the top of your cheekbones to give it extra definition. The trick is to be subtle with it and work with she shape of your face. Hope this helps!
the key is BLUSH ON guys.. come on what the other solution do you think? 🙂
and now I already know the color of blush on that matches my skin, they are BROWN and ORANGE colors. Well I already know how to inscribe on my cheekbones. xoxo I am very pleased!!
source of picture : 1,2,3

Get What I Want

I want to get what I want, I do it with happy hearts and ended satisfaction

Striped shirt

Acne striped pants
£440 –

Damsel in a Dress shoes
170 AUD –

Nine West cross body handbag
$59 –

Tory Burch metal sunglasses
$145 –

J.Crew cat eye sunglasses
$128 –

$99 –

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Sweaters ‘n Boots

it is very awesome i think, that wearing sweaters with the boots, very cool ladies!! ❤
try at home! hihi
‘n ofcourse with hijab i wear them 😀

Dorothy Perkins crew neck top
$29 –

Joseph oversized top
€798 –

Shamask cape poncho
£459 –

Wildfox Couture pullover sweater
$229 –

Jigsaw crew neck top
£98 –

Nudie Jeans Co. zipper jeans
$175 –

UGG Australia suede heels
£170 –

Leather booties
$72 –

Very Volatile heel boots
$50 –

Chan Luu cashmere silk scarve
$185 –

H M sheer shawl
£7.99 –

Mulberry summer shawl
$310 –

Rag bone cotton shawl
$115 –

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Be your Self,
any other person is saying, let alone, it could still be yourself.
enjoy, this is your life

Miu Miu poplin dress
£815 –

Beige shoes
$89 –

The Cambridge Satchel Company satchel handbag
£115 –

Pieces white pearl jewelry
$21 –

Flower jewelry

Mood jewelry
£4 –

Zara flower jewelry
$9.90 –

Cushion diamond ring
$2,840 –

Kate Spade striped scarve
$103 –

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i wear wide pants, skirt leggings, sport and lab trousers for my daily style… very fun for mix and match style with them…!!!
try this friend… 🙂
different look!!
be confident!

Elizabeth and James zipper pants
$325 –

Elizabeth and James chiffon pants
$395 –

$52 –

Hope zip pants
€80 –

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you know??
i wanna wanna…………
give me… buy to me.. pliz… haha
one day i must have it!!
Bright.. and fabulous!

Acne shiny shirt
$250 –

H m jacket
£30 –

H m jacket
£30 –

C Label lace up pumps
$52 –

Clutch bag
£31 –

Laura Mercier eye makeup
$125 –

Philosophy makeup brush
$17 –

Make Up For Ever gift sets kit
$55 –

IKEA Fejka
$3.99 –

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Etnic Style…
i try to mix in etnic style… i think it’s cool!
‘n groovy!! ofcourse.
the clothe and accesories..

Draped dress
£529 –

Vince camuto booties
$75 –

Mango bracelet
£18 –

Mango multi stone ring
£18 –

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Soft ‘n Romantic

the colour is so romantic, n soft…
for young ladies…
so romance…

Carvela Kurt Geiger heel pumps
£120 –

Topshop pink bag
$72 –

Zara flower jewelry
$9.90 –

Zara flower jewelry
$9.90 –

Feather jewelry

Topshop plastic jewelry
$20 –

Marni geometric necklace
$295 –

Rag bone cotton shawl
$115 –

Paul Smith sports hat
$242 –

Flower hair accessory
$6.50 –

H M flower hair accessory
£1.99 –

Monsoon flower hair accessory
£8 –

Lanvin Airmail printed writing set
$95 –

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