My Handmade Again

hey guys.. i have some handphone case and necklaces, it is handmade ! i made them and they’ve sold!! some of it i gave for my sisters.. Yeeyyyy i was very very happyyyyy. guys please look themūüôā


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My Hijab Style 2

haha hello my beloved friends in everywhere.. :*

i have many pict of my hijab style, yeah it takes with my samsung E2652, yeah.. this is the pict, may all of you like itūüėČ


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do you like blue? it is like we are looking a blue sea or a blue sky.. it is peace on it!‚̧

Rose dress
283.885 IDR¬†–¬†


H M clutch handbag
295.565 IDR¬†–¬†

Peace jewelry
104.030 IDR¬†–¬†

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My Hijab Style

hello friends, mmm i wear hijab, and this is my hijab style.. i take the pictures with samsung duos E2652.. huhu so sad, the quality of pict very badūüė¶


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Summer Adventure

Summer Adventure
hello all .. after a long time not post new articles. I am very sorry. I am very hard on my home connection, so I must try again to give the best, I have updated this article from internet cafes.ūüôā
love you all ..

Madewell peep toe heels
1.779.595 IDR¬†–¬†

Mini hat
133.070 IDR¬†–¬†

Motel blouse
501.600 IDR¬†–¬†

Urban Outfitters tight
122.960 IDR¬†–¬†

Kenneth Jay Lane necklace
1.135.910 IDR¬†–¬†

Minor Obsessions earrings
946.595 IDR¬†–¬†

Clips hair accessory
47.330 IDR¬†–¬†

French Country Wooden Storage Boxes – Set of 3
1.296.130 IDR¬†–¬†

Match Large Pewter Hourglass
2.224.495 IDR¬†–¬†

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Colorful Photoshoot

i love colorful, it is 80’s fashion. I and my partner Deby wear colorful style, from hijab, t-shirt, short, sock, and cute heels. Photo taken by Anhar Fahrul.ūüôā

we wear many accesories, sunglasses, headband, brooch, rings, bracelets and so on.

look this, cek it out guys!ūüėÄ


“I like¬†when¬†people look at¬†with¬†wonder¬†by the¬†sight¬†of colorful¬†display, I¬†felt¬†like a different unique”

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Photoshoot with Azya Queen Boutique

Hi friends, in December 2011, I and my friend Rara held a photoshoot with Azya Queen boutiques. This is very exciting.

Photographers Anhar, and stylists Deby. We wear the headscarf from the boutique. There satin, jersey and motives.

Oh God.. I like it so much. the angle, the lighting n our style is so amaze. hihi :D

pink satin, deep grey satin

pink satin, deep grey satin

soft pink and grey jersey

soft pink and grey jersey

vintages motives

vintages motives

i feel… so cool… :D

rara you are so cool… :)

my friend said that the photo was looking different character. me me me haha that’s right or not huh? -,-

so graceful :P

so calm, n I think this is like ancient photo haha

sparkling with the hijab :D

so cool guys.. the angle is very good right? :D

the cute one :P

once again… i look so calm -.-

the innocent face, i think haha, but so cute :D

that’s the Crazy Photoshoot with Azya Queen Boutique. Thank’s for the photosession, it’s so fun! Photographer Anhar Fahrul, Stylist Debby Romerro. and my model partner Raisa Pratiwi. I will wait the next sesion soon. Success for Azya Queen Boutique. ^^

i learn something new, that “style does not have to keep up with changing times. As long as we feel comfortable and appropriate time to dress, that’s ourself!“

yihaaa :D

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My Graduation

finally I was graduated from my collage STMIK AMIKOM YOGYAKARTA, Diploma- III Informatics Techniques. I and my partner Deby made Final Task with tittle : “Learning Media about Eclipse¬†of Natural Science (Case Study in SD Muhammadiyah Condong Catur Yogyakarta)”

I am very happy and¬†affected about this moment, GRADUATIONūüôā.

This is the photos with my family and friends, the photos tken by Anhar Fahrul as Deby’s boyfriend. He is an freelancer photography. thanks allūüôā

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What the color of the scarve?

What the color of the scarve?

please help me, i have an orange wide pants and i will match with jeans top. what color of the scarve must I wear?
i am very confused,

Jean Paul Gaultier pants
         Jean Paul Gaultier pants

and my friends said this is the scarves..

she said, “I would wear a scarf with a shade of orange that is darker or id try and find a scarf with both colors mixed together such as th secomd one. Or you can go with a tribal scarf :)” ¬†

and i agree with her

Miss Selfridge scarve
           Miss Selfridge scarve
Mango scarve
                 Mango scarve
Love Quotes Scarves scarve
       Love Quotes Scarves scarve
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